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pattik1's Journal

Peppermint Patti
26 January 1966
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Hello. I’m pretty stuck with a creative bug. And I usually have a lot of projects underway. Costuming, fan fiction, community theater. I impersonate celebrities and characters. Sci fi conventions are big with me.

I am getting back into the medical field after a long time in the restaurant business working as a waitress. I’m currently working as a security guard and emergency medical technician in a big midwestern casino just south of the Twin Cities metro area.

I’m originally from the Chicago area now in Minnesota, and I usually go to Marscon,
and Convergence science fiction conventions every year. Long term plans, getting
my training as a physician’s assistant. I’m 41 and single.

For past jobs, I’ve worked as a race horse groom, master gardener, nursing assistant, restaurant server, talent agent, EMT, etc..